Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration, is
a specialized method of manual therapy that systematically re-aligns and balances the body through deep tissue manipulation and movement education. Rolfing was developed over 50 years ago by Biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf.

Rolfing works within the body's complex web of connective tissue, specifically fascia, releasing out-dated physical and emotional stress patterns in the body. Fascia surrounds, penetrates and connects every part of the body - our bones, muscles and organs. It gives the body its shape and is often referred to as the “organ of form”.

When the body loses architectural integrity through physical trauma, sickness, emotional difficulties, or continued poor posture, our body’s fascia constricts to immobilize the injured area while it heals. Not only does this establish restrictive and unbalanced relationships locally, but it also creates compensations throughout the body as it struggles against the downward drag of gravity. This leads to the development of inefficient physical and postural patterns and as a result, pain, fatigue, limited mobility and even emotional difficulties occur.

Fortunately, length and elasticity can be restored to shortened and thickened fascia due to its pliability and responsiveness to the Rolfing method. As these pattern restrictions release, the body changes shape and functions with greater mobility and ease.


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