Gary has an intuitive, skillful and mindful approach to Rolfing and bodywork. He creates a therapeutic and nurturing environment that welcomes and engages the client, strategically incorporating them in their own healing. I feel safe and cared for when working with Gary.  He practices a deep commitment to listening to the client, in order to best address problem areas and enhance well-being. He’s highly competent, hardworking, personable and kind. I highly recommend his work to anyone.
M.B., San Francisco, CA

I’ve been seeing Gary Witt for over five years. He has a wonderful overall approach to bodywork, a great technique, and is quite skilled at relieving stress, muscle tension, and chronic pain. Plus he is very personable, and makes sure that sessions are pleasant and enjoyable, and that as a client you are at ease. Also, his Rolfing work has helped me recover from recent foot surgery, providing an increased range of motion and a decrease in associated pain from scar tissue.
D.M., San Francisco, CA

I have battled with back and neck pain for as long as I can remember. A friend recommended Gary's work and I figured I'd give it a try, even though I was unsure that Rolfing would relieve my chronic pain. I can honestly say that Gary's deep tissue work and movement education have had a permanent affect on my body awareness, posture and function. By learning more about my habits and how they were contributing to my back pain, I now enjoy a much healthier and comfortable state of being. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone.
R.J., Oakland, CA

I would highly recommend Gary and the Rolfing Technique. From the beginning I noticed structural changes in my body that helped me feel more centered and symmetrical. My back is literally straighter and longer! The changes I’ve received from the Rolfing work have lasted and I am grateful for this experience. Gary made me feel comfortable from the beginning as he is conscientious, easy-going and very skilled.
M.B., San Jose, CA

Gary is bar none the best overall bodyworker I have ever been to. I have been an amateur powerlifter for almost 20 years and when you have been weightlifting for that long tightness and soreness is always a constant companion. Gary’s Rolfing work has helped me continue to train and function at the highest level. I have always marveled at Gary’s ability to know where to apply the most pressure for the greatest benefit. Plus he has very strong hands. I recommended him to all my friends and colleagues.
S.M., San Francisco, CA


Gary Witt Certified Rolfer, CMT  +  900 Noe Street @ 22nd Street  +  San Francisco, CA 94114  +  Tel: 415-385-6031